Rules of the fight

My brain is pretty sure it can read a new book every day. And although I have confidence in it and know that it has the skills to make that happen, the fact is my brain and I have other things to do besides read all day, as much as both of us would enjoy that. Some of those things allow us to earn money so that we can buy more books for my brain to go up against. So the other things are important too.

Which means that my brain cannot duke it out with a book here every day. Or even every other day. We’ll start off with once a week and see how that goes. I might post other reading-related things up here during the week, but the basic brain versus book action will happen once a week, most likely on Friday since I’m sure that’s when you all will be looking for some tiny distraction to take you through until the glorious moment when you can finally be free of your soul-crushing means of monetary fulfillment for a whole two days. Consider it my brain’s gift to you.


Sleepless: Charlie Huston

Cover of Sleepless by Charlie HustonSleepless is a book that practically had my name on it. A chronic insomniac since childhood, I’ve watched more than one sunrise with salty tears of self-pity in my eyes. So I was intrigued by a book that promised insomnia so much worse than anything I’ve ever experienced. What better way to comfort myself on those long, long sleepless nights than to remind myself, à la Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? by that mad genius Dr. Seuss, that it could be worse, that I could have a rogue prion in my brain eating holes in it and keeping me awake until I finally die?


It has begun!

My brain versus all the books! What will be the victor?!

Actually, my brain already jumps out of my head, locks itself in a closet and whimpers softly at the thought that I will die before even reading the books on my to-be-read shelf, much less all the books on the planet. And I am not making things any easier by reading in more than one language. That just multiplies the number of books my brain will need to go up against. Fortunately, my Swedish has rusted almost to the point where I can’t read it so easily, so that takes at least a subset out of the running. But the Japanese publishing industry is insanely prolific and there are so many excellent French books, so that probably offsets any breather I might get from failing to read Swedish.

I think the books may have already won. Still! My brain does not admit defeat so easily. I will read the books in my methodical fashion, allowing my brain a chance to show off its amazing literacy. (And it really is amazing when you think about it.)