In this corner

brain_on_fireMy brain (known in some circles, together with my body, as “Jocelyne Allen”) is taking the fight to the books, even though it is doomed to fail. But what I like about my brain is its refusal to give up in the face of overwhelming odds. My brain is a survivor. It even gets all business-y over here.

It also wrote a book called You and the Pirates. In addition to you and some pirates, this book features an army of cats, a terrifying man in a suit and the city of Tokyo. My brain clearly has some issues to work out.

2 thoughts on “In this corner

  1. Hello Josceline, So happy to stumble across your blog. I feel we should have met by now. My first book in 2004 was Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics. It was a first book and now I am doing an all-new book on manga and looking around at other Asian comics cultures too. I see we have Ken Niimura among our mutual friends. It would be great to keep in touch as I explore your articles and tastes – mine are on And I do plan my first trip to Japan later this year so maybe our paths will cross. Wishing you well from London, Paul

    1. Hi Paul! Thanks for your message. I actually have your book on my shelf. It’s a great resource! Clearly, we run in the same manga-oriented circles, so we definitely will have to meet up one of these days. I’ll be in Japan later this year as well, so maybe we could grab a drink then!

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