In this corner

brain_on_fireMy brain (known in some circles, together with my body, as “Jocelyne Allen”) is taking the fight to the books, even though it is doomed to fail. But what I like about my brain is its refusal to give up in the face of overwhelming odds. My brain is a survivor.

My brain also knows some languages other than in English. It does business mostly in Japanese. You can see its powerful skills over here. (In case you were interested in seeing the many, many books that my brain and I have collaborated on translating.) (Yes, we are constantly exhausted.)


  1. Hello Josceline, So happy to stumble across your blog. I feel we should have met by now. My first book in 2004 was Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics. It was a first book and now I am doing an all-new book on manga and looking around at other Asian comics cultures too. I see we have Ken Niimura among our mutual friends. It would be great to keep in touch as I explore your articles and tastes – mine are on And I do plan my first trip to Japan later this year so maybe our paths will cross. Wishing you well from London, Paul

    1. Hi Paul! Thanks for your message. I actually have your book on my shelf. It’s a great resource! Clearly, we run in the same manga-oriented circles, so we definitely will have to meet up one of these days. I’ll be in Japan later this year as well, so maybe we could grab a drink then!

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