Golondrina: est em

You are probably rolling your eyes at this point and muttering to yourself, “More est em? Come on!” And then the person in the next cubicle (I assume you are reading this at work, trying to just get to five o’clock without killing anyone in your office, but that guy who keeps breathing through his … Continue reading Golondrina: est em

Kuslar: est em

You guys! est em is getting some serious traction over on this side of the ocean. I am seeing displays of her work everywhere, mostly because the second volume of Golondrina just came out, so there’s a lot of promo from IKKI, who are not an insignificant player in the manga industry. But even before … Continue reading Kuslar: est em

equus: est em

More centaur love! Huzzah! Because I know when you woke up this morning, you were thinking, “If I don’t see some centaurs in love today, I’ll stab my coworker in the eye with this dull pencil.” Good thing my brain is here to save your coworker’s vision. Because I finally read est em’s second foray … Continue reading equus: est em