Boys Loving!


Happy 801, fellow fujos! Posting has been light around here as I try to get myself sorted for my annual pilgrimage to Japan (this year involves cats, an island, and fruit trees!), but I would be deeply remiss were I to overlook this the greatest and perviest of holidays, a day when we who love boys who love boys for our voyeuristic pleasure remember just what a pleasure it is and just what voyeurs we are. 

In the pervy spirit of the season, I am slowly making my way through Starfighter: Eclipse, trying to unlock every single route and see all the sexy intrigue that space has to offer.

image04But sexy intrigue might not be all that your heart desires on this sultry celebration. In which case, have you picked up volume four of Itoshi no Nekokke? It does not disappoint. And if you have already read volume four, maybe just go back and re-read the whole series and remind yourself that there is still beauty and joy in the world as long as Mii-kun and Kei-chan are in love?

Take this day, this magical moment of time, to dig into that pile of BL you’ve been meaning to get to. Wallow in your rottenness. Enjoy 801 like it was meant to be enjoyed–by looking at boys getting it on with other boys.

Takarai Rihito



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