Brain on Display


Deadlines! You guys, my deadlines are murdering me right now. I am working on a lot of really great things! That I can’t talk about yet! So you’ll just have to trust me when I say they are awesome and I am excited for you to get to read them. I’m also getting ready for my annual pilgrimage to the mecca of manga, which means I have even less time for chattering about all the books my brain is battling. (Don’t worry though, I always make time for my brain to actually battle the books. The books on the shelf of unread books won’t read themselves.) So why not listen to what my brain has to say about translating? I am “starring” in an interview over at Tofugu (and can I just say how much I love that title? It makes the whole thing sound super cute. Especially with the adorable illustration they did of me. Cute explosion!), so go read that. And hopefully, my brain will have new words about new books again next week.


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