Brain Battles Authors


TCAF is upon us! That magical time of year when artists from all over the world descend on Toronto to make our lives better with new books! So no time for battling books this week; my brain and I are too busy battling authors! Including Japanese guests Moyoco Anno, est em, and Akira Himekawa! All the fun is here! So come say hi and if you can’t make it all the way to Canada for your comics fun, then check out this interview I did with est em over at the Comics Journal. But be warned: It is very long!


5 thoughts on “Brain Battles Authors

  1. Have a nice festival 🙂 . I would have been glad to join! And this english-translated dôjin… omg!

  2. The long awaited interview! That was a delight to read! And it’s nice to get Est Em’s frame of mind and while I had this impression that she was drawing from her experience, instead, I find it lovely that she’s using her manga as a means to learn a new culture! ❤ Gotta love that girl. XD

    1. There were some twists and turns on the path to that interview being published, but it finally was! I’m so glad it’s out at last. I really enjoyed hearing her thoughts on how she does her manga. It is really great that she uses manga as a way of exploring the world. One important reason for making and enjoying art!

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