Random Anniversary: My Brain

Although it’s been over a year since my brain decided to battle books publicly (seven months over to be precise), neither my brain nor I is the type to celebrate fixed anniversaries and holidays (we are perverse that way). But! We celebrate in our own way, creating holidays when and where necessary, the most recent being Tutmas, a delightful celebration of all things Tut, when we hang hieroglyphs on the desert frond and sing Tutmas carols. We also had great fun at Summer Beach Day a couple Februaries ago.

Generally, these holidays are of no relevance to the important task of defeating books. However, today, a new milestone has been reached and it is one of the ones my brain has deemed worthy of celebration. Namely, the finishing of a journal. Yes, I am one of those total Luddite lunatics that actually puts pen to paper and writes “thoughts” and “feelings” that no one will ever read. More important to this discussion, though, is the list of books read that adorns the back pages of this journal. Now that I am about to start a new list of books I have read in the new journal of “thoughts” and “feelings”, it seems appropriate that I post that list here in the place of book battles, so that my brain can feel even more triumphant in its conquering.

So this week, for your thoughtful reading pleasure, a reading list of everything I read, excluding magazines and books I forgot to write down (which I did with irritating frequency, as I discovered compiling this list and finding books I wrote about here, but I did not write down there), between January 2011 and July 2012! Including links to my posts on books I wrote about! (J) means the book is in Japanese, (E) English and (F) French, although there’s only one of those (sad. I will try harder to read more French over the course of the next journal). (R) indicates “re-read”, (B) is “borrowed”, and (T) is a translation, while (G) means someone loves me enough to give me that book. Hooray for love! For even more love, tell me if you’ve read any of these and if so, what did you think? Let’s open the chatting doors wide open!

The Aquariums of Pyongyang: Kang Chol-Hwan and Pierre Rigoulotol (G) (E) (T)

Sleepless: Charlie Huston (G) (E)

Weetzie Bat: Francesca Lia Block (R) (E)

Kono Tabi wa: est em (J)

Hitler: Shigeru Mizuki (J)

Gekiga Yose: Yoshihiro Tatsumi (J)

1Q84: Haruki Murakami (J)

Saint Oniisan Vol 1–2: Hikaru Nakamura (J)

Saraiya Goyo: Natsume Ono (J)

House of Five Leaves: Natsume Ono (B) (E) (T)

Zo wo Mita Otoko: Osamu Kanno (J) (B)

How to Start Your Own Country: Erwin S. Strauss (G) (E)

I Am a Hero 1–7: Kengo Hanazawa (3–5 G) (J)

not simple: Natsume Ono (E (B) (T)) (J)

Nigeru Otoko: Natsume Ono (J)

Paying for It: Chester Brown (E)

SOIL 1–11: Atsushi Kaneko (J)

The Dream of Perpetual Motion: Dexter Palmer (E)

Bright-Sided: Barbara Ehrenreich (E)

Kino Nani Tabeta?: Fumi Yoshinaga (J)

Short Cuts 1: Usamaru Furuya (R) (J)

Grrrl: Jennifer Whiteford (G) (E)

The Hidden Reality: Brian Greene (E)

Kaze to Ki no Uta 1–5: Keiko Takemiya (J)

The Giro Playboy: Michael Smith (E)

Hell: Yasutaka Tsutsui (E) (T)

Wandering Son 1: Takako Shimura (B) (E) (T)

Unnatural Selection: Mara Hvistendahl (E)

Zoo City: Lauren Beukes (E)

Comics Showashi 1-8: Shigeru Mizuki (B) (J)

Louis Riel: Chester Brown (B) (E)

Hatarake, Kentauros!: est em (G) (J)

Chichi to Ran: Mieko Kawakami (J)

Delusions of Gender: Cordelia Fine (E)

Duncan the Wonder Dog Show One: Adam Hines (E)

Lullabies for Little Criminals: Heather O’Neill (E)

Papa ga Mo Ichido Koi o Shita: Jun Abe (J)

The Jungle: Upton Sinclair (G) (E)

Otoyomegatari 1–2: Kaoru Mori (J)

HER: Tomoko Yamashita (J)

Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo: Nagiko Umino and Hebizo (J)

IS~Otoko Demo Onno Demo Nai Sei 1–17: Chiyo Rokuhana (G)

Hark! A Vagrant!: Kate Beaton (E)

Feed: Mira Grant (G) (E)

Happy End Apartment: est em (J)

OPERA Vol. 6: Various (J)

The Runes of the Earth: Stephen R. Donaldson (E)

Monkey Business Vol. 1: Various (G) (E) (T)

Fatal Revenant: Stephen R. Donaldson (G) (E)

Against All Things Ending: Stephen R. Donaldson (E)

TATSUMI: Yoshihiro Tatsumi (G) (J)

The Dirt on Clean: Katherine Ashenburg (E)

Nantonaku Pinpin: Yoshikazu Ebisu (J) (B)

Moxyland: Lauren Beukes (E)

Chameleon Army: Moyoko Anno (G) (J)

Sabiru Kokoro: Natsuo Kirino (J)

Flight Vol. 2: Various (G) (E)

Hakoniwa Mushi: Akino Kondoh (J)

Yume no Q-Saku: Suehiro Maruo (J) (B)

Ju Ju: Banana Yoshimoto (G) (J)

Mythical Beasts of Japan: Various (E) (J) (G)

Lady Chatterley’s Lover: DH Lawrence (R) (E)

Equus: est em (G) (J)

Chokodoshujin: Naoto Yamakawa (J)

Cancer Vixen: Marisa Acocella Marchetto (B) (E)

Strip Joint: Carol Lay (B) (E)

Understanding Comics: Scott McCloud (E)

Fluffy: Simone Lia (E)

Coney Island Baby: Nine Antico (F)

The Ethical Slut: Dossie Eaton and Janet W. Hardy (E)

The Value of Nothing: Raj Patel (G) (E)

Hyouge Mono: Yoshihiro Yamada (J)

Nikolski: Nicolas Dickner (E) (T)

The Dispossessed: Ursula K. Le Guin (E)

Erotics f: Various (J)

The Circus of the Earth and the Air: Brooke Stevens (E) (R)

Sex Is Not a Natural Act: Leonore Tiefer (E)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Book 8: Joss Whedon and Scott Allie (E)

Bokura no Manga: Various (G) (J)

Feynman: Jim Ottavianni and Leland Myrick (E)

Make Me a Woman: Vanessa Davis (E)

Need More Love: Aline Kominsky Crumb (E)

Kurokami no Helga: Yukizo Saku (J) (G)

Gad Sfortunato: basso (J)

Chi’s Sweet Home 1-9: Kanata Konami (E (B)) (J)

Geek Love: Katherine Dunn (E) (R)

Yagate, Ai ni Naru: est em (G) (J)

The Future Is Japanese: Various (E) (T)


  1. Wow!, an impressive list, I was just recently reading about Geek Love on a list of the most bizzare novels, think I will have to give it a go in the near future, the Murakami aside though I think the only other I’ve read is Fluffy, which is indeed a work of genius. Ah, and Hell by Tsutsui, thanks for sharing.

    1. Not sure it’s impressive, but listing all the books does make me feel like I’ve actually done something. Hooray for lists! And I probably don’t need to add more encouragement since my post on Geek Love was basically “Go read it”, but seriously, you won’t regret giving it a go.

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