A Note on Scanlation

Dear person who found my blog by searching for “Saraiya Goyou scanlated”,

Please buy the book. It is called House of Five Leaves in English and it is only $12.99. That is not so steep for such a quality book. And the translation is top notch!

But I understand only all too well that sometimes, a person just does not have $12.99. That is a hard place for a book lover to be, but there is hope! It is a thing called a library and you can read books there for free! Incredible! If they do not have House of Five Leaves at your local library, you can ask them to get it for you. Most libraries take requests and are glad to hear from patrons about what they would like to see on the shelves.

So you know, you have options that would support the artist who made this terrific book, Natsume Ono, so that she can keep making terrific books.




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