1Q84 in English

The cover for the English edition of the neverending run-on sentence by Haruki Murakami, also known as 1Q84, was unveiled the other day. Fits right in with the Murakami-in-English look. And of course, it’s much lovelier than the Japanese covers. Book design just does not seem to be an art thing in Japan the way it is here. Or I just don’t appreciate the aesthetic in Japan. One of the two.


2 thoughts on “1Q84 in English

  1. The physical hard-cover book as published in America is a thing of beauty. I think I’m starting to get annoyed with the “random Asian lady with luscious lips making bedroom eyes” theme that characterizes the vast majority of overseas Murakami covers, though. Thankfully, the British publishers of 1Q84 were able to break the trend. Have you seen the British covers? They’re really cool! I especially like this one:

    1. The US English edition is beautiful, but I am joining you on the “annoyed with the random Asian lady” train. It’s like a layer of additional fetishization right there on there cover. I do love the British covers for 1Q84, though. So pretty, so actually relevant to the story!

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